Category: Horror

Production Date: 1958

Internet Release Date: 2007

Actors: Forrest Tucker, Lawrence Payne, Jennifer Jayne, Janet Munro, Warrent Mitchell, Frederick Schiller

Director: Quentin Lawrence

Total Running Time: 84 min.

Video Format : High quality 16:9 aspect ratio Flash Video.

This tale of trepidation is a sight to behold. In the remote foothills of a Swiss mountain resort, unsuspecting mountain climbers encounter a horror from another world. Aliens have decended upon the Earth in a cloud of radioactive fog. From the fog the relentless Crawling Eyes emerge with a penchant for decapitating their victims.

Hold onto your heads and enjoy the campy horror of this vintage film. The Crawling Eye is also known as the Trollenberg Terror. By any name, this is one film you can't miss. You won't believe your eyes!